Project Development FAQs

We have answered 10 questions below about all aspects of our project. Should you require further information please contact us at

A potential artwork – Brothers in Arms

Malcolm Robertson has created a design-model showing one example, to the scale of 1: 20. The overall cost of the work will depend on the scale of the work and Trustees are yet to finally decide. The example shown by the model on exhibition would be expected to cost in the region of £400k. The original artwork design competition was to consider a design to the value of £150k. Malcolm has also provided this information to the Trust, to smaller scale. Cost options and all other aspects of development need, will be very carefully considered before final artwork-scale and budget decisions are made. The Trust intends to make their final decision by the end of the summer.
The Trust continues to discuss possibilities for funding this work with local and national bodies in the public and private sector. It is hoped that as a project of high local and national importance, both public and private sector funding will make building the artwork possible.
Public artwork should be accessible and it is very important to maintain the integrity of the site. To this end, Trustees must build in project costs for paving access, new interpretation material and necessary project staffing to support the artwork commission. Future delivery of linked educational and tourism opportunities are also being considered. This includes provision of heritage information and easy access to car-parking for visitor traffic.
The original idea was to site the artwork at Bridgehaugh, the north side of Stirling Bridge. Local people may know this as the ‘Rugby Club side’ of the bridge. Trustees believe that this site, directly facing Stirling Castle, is where Andrew de Moray and William Wallace may have once stood. Discussions about the site continue with key stakeholders at Stirling Council and Historic Environment Scotland. There is also now a possibility that this artwork might be better supported, if it were moved away from Stirling Bridge. Some view this design, in bold heritage relation, to possibly be fitting to another place, potentially as welcome to the historic city.
This is the commissioned artist, Malcolm’s Robertson’s responsibility. It will be made by the artist and his specialist sub-contractors.
As above, this would be decided by Malcolm Robertson.
Local businesses would benefit by increased visitor numbers to Stirling, possibly for overnight stays. This project may also inspire set-up of new local business which connects education, heritage and tourism.
The project for a full-scale artwork on site will officially begin when funding and other, in-kind, support required, is in place.
By its nature this artwork connects interest to the Wallace Monument, Abbey Craig, Stirling Castle and Bannockburn. We envisage working with partners and the public to provide the most comfortable and connecting visitor experience and are also considering, for example, on-site seating.

An additional value of the design currently under consideration, is its capacity to provide a small events space. Usage of this space can connect to Stirling events and festivals.

Lighting for Stirling Bridge

As Stirling Bridge is a scheduled Ancient Monument Site and Conservation Area, a number of necessary surveys are currently being carried out and planning permission needs to be acquired. We therefore anticipate, the earliest new lighting may be available would be early 2019.

Stones for Stirling Bridge

The Trust thanks all interest in this project to date. Due to other development priorities, we regret to inform you we have been required to put this on hold. We intend to make another announcement about this later in the year.

This work was considered to assist with visitor access to the site, as a ‘remembrance’ and fundraising project. Should you require further information or to be put on a waiting list, should this, or a similar project become possible, please let us know. Equally, if you had shown interest in the past and wish to be removed from any note of interest, please do not hesitate to contact us.