Guardians of Scotland

A film about ‘The Guardians of Scotland Trust’ who are highlighting the role played by Andrew de Moray alongside William Wallace in defeating the English in 1297 and becoming The Guardians of Scotland.

‘Seven centuries ago William Wallace and Andrew de Moray stood together in defence of Scotland’s freedom at Stirling Bridge and it is highly appropriate that they stand together once again not only in recognition of their courage in our country’s hour of need but as shining examples to our children and our children’s children of loyalty, solidarity and selfless devotion.’
Ian Scott Past Chairman of the Saltire Society


Pupils from St Ninians Primary School assisted council archaeologist, Murray Cook, on a series of explorations at the site of the Battle of Stirling Bridge, where William Wallace and Andrew de Moray led an outnumbered Scottish army to victory against the English in 1297.